Bring your own GCP cloud (BYO-GCP)

Plugging Cameyo into your own Google Cloud Platform environment.

[A video tutorial corresponding to this article can be found here]

As a first step, you'll need to create a project and a service account within your GCP environment. Create the service account as Project Editor:

You'll then need to create a key for this account:

Once your service account is ready, it should look like this:

Download the key for the service account you've just created. It will be a file named xxxx-nnnn.json. Contact Cameyo's support to securely transmit this file and bind to your Cameyo account.

Visit the Compute Engine | VM instances section within your project. This step is necessary to ensure that the Compute engine is initialized. Once it is initialized, it will look like this:

Onboarding your cloud environment into Cameyo

You can now navigate to and paste your GCP service account's JSON, click Submit.

You are now all set.