Customizing Cameyo's file dialog

Customizing Cameyo's replacement file dialog with custom paths and icons.

Custom paths

If you've enabled Cameyo's replacement file dialog, you can add extra paths to it by adding a system variable named CAMEYO_FILEDIALOG_EXTRA and setting it using the syntax:[display_name]>0>[path], where display_name is a short name by which the path will be displayed to users, 0 is reserved, and path indicates the directory it should point to (use %Profile% to indicate the user's profile). The directory must exist or the path will not be shown.


CAMEYO_FILEDIALOG_EXTRA = Docs>0>%Profile%\Documents

You can specify several display items by using semi-columns. For example:

CAMEYO_FILEDIALOG_EXTRA = Docs>0>%Profile%\Documents;Music>0>%Profile%\Music;Pics>0>%Profile%\Pictures

In the above example, the CAMEYO_FILEDIALOG_EXTRA system variable is set to "Docs>0>%Profile%\Documents;Music>0>%Profile%\Music;Pics>0>%Profile%\Pictures".

This Resulting in the following display:


  • If the indicated path does not exist it will not be shown.
  • For better display and usability, it is recommended to use short display names, and not more than 3 extra paths.

Custom icons

To customize icons, place a 30x30 BMP or PNG file named Dlg.[storage name].bmp within C:\RemoteAppPilot. For example, to replace the icon for the "Docs" item in the above example screenshot, create your picture file as C:\RemoteAppPilot\Dlg.Docs.bmp.

Note: despite the extension .BMP, PNG pictures are supported as well.