Cameyo's app bar

Cameyo's application bar allows easily launching and switching between applications

Cameyo app bar is an optional feature that appears at the bottom of session screens:

To enable it, follow these two steps:

  1. Download and extract
  2. Extract its contents into C:\Program Files\CyoDesktop, so as to have C:\Program Files\CyoDesktop\CyoDesktop.exe

The app bar is now configured. Sessions will now display it:

Clicking an active application with the mouse' middle button (the scroll button) launches an additional instance of the clicked application.

Tray icons

Tray icons created by apps will be displayed on the right side of the app bar:

Apps launcher

To pre-define apps that users can launch during their sessions, create a file named C:\UserTemplate\AnyUser\%Profile%\AppData\Roaming\CyoDesktopApps.xml (you will need to create the directory tree) and configure it as in this example:

<Category Name="Quick Launch" ShowInMenu="False" Type="3">

Auto-hiding task bar

To auto-hide the task bar, create the following system-wide environment variable: CAMEYO_TASKBARMODE= 2