Non-standard device redirection

  • Log into the portal from a computer that has the device attached to it.
  • In the session settings page under "Native Player", make sure Kernel-mode USB redirection is checked.
  • If this computer hasn't run the Cameyo native player before, click on 'client' to install it (only needed once).
  • Click on the 'devices' list next to it:

  • You will then see a list of devices, as below. If the device you wish to redirect is present, select it and copy its ID into the Kernel-mode USB redirection text field. If you are not sure, you can check which device it is by disconnecting and reconnecting the device to the computer; it will become red when disconnected and green when connected.

  • If the device you wish to connect is not present, add this registry key and try again. You should see some additional devices:

  • Once you've added the right one(s), save the policy and try connecting to the server as an administrator to see if the device is there. To do this, go to your server's page and add "/native" to its URL, i.e.