Configuring Cameyo's service behind a proxy

If your company is behind a proxy, it's recommended to add Cameyo's addresses (, as exceptions and allow direct connection without going through the proxy. If this is not possible within your organization, you can configure Cameyo's server components to go through your company's proxy. Add the following lines into c:\guacamole\

proxy-server: servername

proxy-port: 9999

proxy-type: HTTP

proxy-user: username

proxy-password: password
  • proxy-server: the host name or IP address of your proxy server, for example: "inet-proxy.internal" or "".
  • proxy-port: the port on your proxy's server
  • proxy-type: either "HTTP", "DIRECT" or "SOCKS". Usually this should be "HTTP".
  • proxy-user / password: the proxy credentials if your proxy requires authentication. This is usually the credentials of a service account.

Once the changes are saved, restart Cameyo's service + Apache, or simply reboot.