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Diagnosing a new server: start here

If your newly-setup Cameyo server doesn't function properly, start here to determine which component fails.

On the server itself, try the following:

  • Can you access the server's HTTP port itself (i.e. http://localhost)? It should show a "CAMEYO" page.
  • Is guacd.exe running?
  • Test RDP connectivity: start an elevated cmd.exe command prompt, and set a user password for one of Cameyo's temporary profiles: net user RemoteUser10 !TestPwd10. Then, try to RDP from the computer into itself using that user: start the RDP client (mstsc.exe) and connect to localhost, using RemoteUser10 !TestPwd10. It should show a blank black screen. If it doesn't, see diagnosing RDP connectivity issues.
  • If none of the above steps provides any clues, collect the following logs and provide them to our technical team:
    • ZIP the contents of C:\RemoteAppPilot\Logs
    • Add C:\RapPrereqs\Tomcat\logs\tomcat9-stdout.yyyy-mm-dd (replace yyyy-mm-dd with today's date).